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Carbon Air Fetlock

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Our Zandona Carbon Air Tendon Boots are proven to protect jumping horses from collisions and bruises of fetlock and cannon, while still offering tendon support.

The boots are comprised of an external TPU structure with anatomical thicknesses, perforated Neoprene allowing transpiration, and a high level of ventilation from 6 air vents located over the fetlock.

Between the external TPU structure and Neoprene, Gel-Tech has been added as a shock absorber and for comfortable padding.

Carbon Fibre elements have also been added under the external TPU structure to thermally insulate the joints from heat generated by friction. A secondary benefit from this is that the Carbon Fibre adds strength and mechanical resistance to impacts.

Internally, a Flex-Zone has been created which allows maximum freedom for limb movement.

Secured by a Double Locking System (Horizontally and vertically) the quick release elastic straps have been calibrated hold the boot perfectly in place.

Finally, the Boots’ exact dimensions and ergonomic shape work with the straps to provide maximum support to the limb while avoiding and reducing any kind of stress.